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A little about our history…

Worksafe Management Systems was established in 1993 to develop a management solution for a private hospital experiencing costly incidents with patient injury. This module was very successful in reducing costs and the decision was made to further develop the product eventually implementing the solution State-wide at Queensland Health.

In 2002, work commenced on the fully web based version and this development work has continued to this day.

WMS is totally committed to the reduction or prevention of injury in the workplace by providing our clients with a system that is tailorable to their needs but still adhering to the Aus/NZ 1885 Standards.

Our clients have direct access to our developers via our online logging system. This can be used for requests for assistance, issues or suggested enhancements. The mandatory Upgrade Support Maintenance (USM) agreement provides all clients with every system upgrade at no additional cost ensuring our clients are always benefitting from the latest version.

WMS and its partners provides a total support package including Help Desk, customisation, training and general support.


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