Preconfigured ‘Out of the Box’ Solution


‘Out of the Box’ – A New Approach to Software Delivery.

Most vendors deliver a blank canvas relying on you to setup forms, workflows etc. or the implementation takes months. With the WMS ‘Out of the Box’ solutions, we break implementation into several steps to deliver a working solution. Leveraging the power of agile development methods, our approach reduces your input time using predefined templates and data download techniques.

The pre-implementation and system build is normally available within 2-5 days.

At the same time, the client data templates are provided included a standard set of Master Lists for editing. A download of the employee file is organised and loaded into the system in conjunction with the templates.

The Sandbox copy is then made available and UAT (User Acceptance Testing) and training can commence. Once all testing has been completed, the system is delivered live in parallel with the training database.

The WMS product is also delivered with Investigation standards plus a comprehensive industry Audit file.

By enabling faster implementation, the system is delivering savings sooner reducing the number and severity of incidents. This methodology also reduces customisation costs and overall project costs, a key objective with an “Out of the Box’ solution.


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