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While worker safety and risk management may not be top of mind for school and higher education administrators, or other professional workers, accidents do happen as well as incidents with students, customers, vendors, or other site visitors. People need protection from risks that include slips and falls, health incidents, or even threats to personal safety.

Your employees need to be prepared to prevent accidents and know how to take action when they happen. Damstra's Enterprise Protection Platform (EPP) helps keep your people safe, connected, and protected.

  • Workforce Management

    Helps track your workers across all buildings, campuses, and stores including any contractors and vendors. Our EPP solution ensures that all workers are approved and compliant, as well as manages COVID-related data, such as vaccination or testing status, temperature readings, and contact tracing.

  • eLearning

    Ensures that your faculty and staff have the appropriate skills, experience, and training to keep your entire organization safe, especially with the variety of students, visitors, contractors, vendors, and others who visit your campus.

  • Access Control

    Ensures that access is given only to those who are authorized to be in certain campus buildings at particular times.

  • Digital Forms

    Automates your form and checklist creation, supporting inspections, incident investigations, audits, and other safety initiatives. Forms can be prepopulated with real-time data from the EPP or other integrated systems.

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Damstra's EPP risk management software for schools keeps your people prepared and equipped, your workplaces safe and productive, your assets connected, and information accessible when you need it to ensure your organization is safe, compliant, and efficient. With our expertise in keeping colleges operational and focused on the workers, the EPP tool is designed to automate security, health and safety, and training across your entire higher-education facility to protect and connect your organization.

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