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Worker and workplace safety is critical in the energy and utilities industries. Workers can be exposed to many dangers including high-pressure lines, confined spaces, falls, chemicals, explosions, fires, and even COVID. Additionally, many workers are alone in the field, spread across large areas and working all hours of the day. They are not always able to communicate or be reached should an incident happen.

Federal regulations help create a safer environment, but that's not nearly enough. Damstra's Enterprise Protection Platform (EPP) keeps your people safe, connected, and protected and your business running smoothly with the enhanced functionality in our energy and utilities software. Our EPP solution for Energy and Utilities includes:

  • Workforce Management

    Helps track your workers across all job sites, including contractors and vendors. It improves operational efficiency by ensuring that all workers are approved and compliant, as well as manages COVID-related data such as vaccination or testing status, temperature readings, and contact tracing.

  • eLearning

    Ensures that your workers have the appropriate skills, experience, current certifications, and training to keep your entire company safe, especially since many itinerant workers may not be onsite every day and need to know how to prevent and respond to incidents.

  • Solo

    Provides wearables for lone worker safety, analytics, biometrics, contact tracing, fall and vehicle collision detection, and continuous connectivity. For example, as utility workers are repairing power lines, if any falls or incidents happen, they have reliable two-way communication with their field offices.

  • Digital Forms

    Automates your form and checklist creation in the field, supporting inspections, incident investigations, audits, and other worker safety initiatives. This helps with worker productivity and reducing manual errors, as well as saving storage space by digitizing these assets. Forms can be pre-populated with real-time data from the EPP or other integrated systems.

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Damstra's EPP SaaS solution for energy and utilities keeps your people prepared and equipped, your workplaces safe and productive, your assets connected and information accessible when you need it to ensure your organization is safe, compliant, and efficient. With our expertise in the Energy and Utilities industries and focus on your workers, the EPP is designed to automate security, health and safety, training, and contractor management across your entire operations to protect and connect your company.

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