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Does your business rely heavily on contractors and outsourcing companies?

If so, you’re not alone as currently 1 out of every 5 jobs are filled by contractors, which is expected to grow to half the workforce over the next decade. But while contractors augment resource gaps and bring specific skills to your workplace — over 70% of site accidents are related to temporary workers who weren’t properly inducted, oriented, or trained.

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Contractor Risks and Challenges

The inherent risks in employing contractors go well beyond ensuring contractor compliance. From a health and safety perspective, temporary workers and specialty contractor workers can bring many risks that can threaten your financial health, reputation, and the wellbeing of other workers if something goes wrong. Contributing to properly managing contractors are these challenges:

  • Manual Processes

    If independent contractor information is managed manually (often in error-prone spreadsheets) without contractor management software, and information is found in different parts of the company and not connected, this puts your business at great risk.

  • Skills and Training

    Contractors bring varying degrees of health and safety knowledge, training, and expertise, making it difficult for organizations to manage workplace safety.

  • Business Risk and Compliance

    In addition to making sure that your contractors work safely on any project, companies are at risk if contractor credentials aren’t current or verified for a project, or if workers who aren’t supposed to be at your worksite – or in certain areas – show up.

  • Health and Safety

    Tracking a worker’s physical condition and scheduling with an effective contractor management system is key to maintaining a safe work environment and a steady workflow to avoid accidents: scanning temperatures before they’re allowed to enter the workplace, making sure they’re sober, monitoring schedules to avoid fatigue, and even estimating and benchmarking biometrics to monitor health on the job.

Damstra’s End-to-End Contractor Management Solution

Damstra’s Enterprise Protection Platform (EPP) is a completely automated workforce management solution that ensures your contract workers are properly prepared and trained, your workplaces are safe, and your information is accurate, accessible, and current.

  • Purpose-built portal for document management so contracting companies can register online, upload all their documentation, and track status
  • Online worker registration with verification of all credentials, qualifications, and records
  • Independent verification executed by Damstra to ensure all contractor information is complete, accurate, and legitimate
  • Complete induction management with contractor software that provides online training, orientation, and onboarding for non-permanent (and permanent) workers
  • Complete access control so you immediately know who is onsite and can ensure compliance before entry as well as track contractor performance
  • Integration with any timekeeping and payroll system to ensure timecard precision and one source of truth for you and your contractors

With over 1.5 million workers worldwide currently managed with the EPP, our contractor management software solution is not only complete, but affordable and more than pays for itself in terms of risk reduction, operational efficiency, and lower headcount and job cost.

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