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Access Control System

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Secure Your Worksites from Unauthorized Entrants

Keep your worksites secure, safe, and protected with Damstra’s Access Control solution. Our access control system authenticates individuals before being allowed entry to your worksites while maintaining workflows and productivity.

Damstra's Access Control system verifies worksite qualifications and induction compliance at all entry points for tighter physical security. Contractors, employees, suppliers, and visitors’ faces are scanned for facial recognition and temperature detection to ensure that only the correct – and healthy – workers are allowed on your sites.

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This module tracks the access point rights of everybody entering your work site, verifying them via an access card, biometric fingerprint, or facial recognition that ensures all credentialed workers are compliant to enter. This access control solution integrates with turnstiles, gates, and door/lock management for flexible options.

An access system is a foundational module within Damstra’s Enterprise Protection Platform (EPP) that helps keep your people prepared and workplaces safer.

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  • Terminals with built-in verification
  • Facial recognition scanning, biometric, and swipe ID door access card options
  • Printable ID cards
  • Non-compliance alerts
  • Evacuation management
  • Visitor management
  • Alcoholizer with mobile access or wall mount options
  • Temperature sensor with multiple options
  • RFID
  • Vehicle access options
  • Card reader on turnstiles, gates, and doors

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  • Reduce administrative work with automated access privileges
  • Improve worksite security
  • Manage credentialed lifecycle of employee identify
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Mitigate potential risks with real-time monitoring
  • Establish critical evacuation protocols
  • Provide high level security system for facilities, assets, and human resources

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