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Damstra Insights

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Make Data-Driven Safety Decisions

Damstra Insights is a modern and sophisticated reporting and visualization analytics tool to track the entire workplace in real time to provide enhanced capabilities and actionable insights to reduce risk, and increase protection towards a zero-fatality worksite world.

Insights gathers huge amounts of data from across the EPP on your contractors, workers, assets, and incidents to provide meaningful insights and improve safety, compliance, risk assessment, and operational efficiency across your organization. Having this data source not only streamlines and improves your overall safety culture – but has a positive impact on your bottom line and business intelligence.

Access a library to choose from a large variety of dashboards and visuals to display your data and build upon it. Identify potential risks and address them before they result in safety incidents, and help prevent future accidents to keep your worksites safe.

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Access a realm of out-of-the-box reports and dashboards such as the Casual Analysis Dashboard, and filter by Human Factors to see the underlying cause of injuries, and act upon the results such as failure to apply skills to the task, or a poor application of training. 

These insights allow organizations to take action such as improving training, or ensuring workers have the right skills for their assigned jobs.

Damstra can also help with custom training and custom report building to further harness the power of data to connect and protect your world.

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  • Rich variety of built-in visualizations
  • Set of out-of-the-box reports
  • Step by step report designer
  • Real-time dashboards and alerts
  • Data analysis displayed by time, location, site, employee type, and more
  • Drag and drop widgets
  • Schedule/broadcast reports
  • Mobile-friendly, and flexible dashboard layouts
  • Cross-visual filtering
  • Drag & drop widgets

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Save time and cost while reducing risk and increasing protection
  • Predict and prevent future accidents
  • Eliminate guesswork on safety concerns
  • Take immediate action to reduce risk and improve safety
  • Address incident root causes and eliminate them
  • Solve data insfficiencies


  • Communicate complex data clearly and intuitively
  • Reinforce and improve your safety culture
  • Track risk exposure and reduce safety-related costs
  • Monitor critical touch points in the business
  • Isolate key metrics to improve safety, compliance, and workplace efficiency

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