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Total Workforce Management System

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Streamline Worker and Contractor Management

Workforce Management (WFM) provides real-time visibility and automated performance management of key competency and operational information for each of your workers. It ensures each worker’s training, licensing, and other job skills are current and automates the process of tracking and managing renewals of all expiring certifications. Damstra's workforce management system helps track your workers across all locations and ensures that all are approved and compliant to be onsite.

When integrated with your Damstra-provided or third-party Access Control system, WFM can log attendance and let you know exactly who is onsite and prevent non-compliant frontline workers from entering. It also ensures timecard precision so that your payroll calculations will always be accurate and complete.

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Damstra's workforce management software can be complemented by a robust contractor portal solution for your contractor companies and their contract workers. Contractors enter and maintain their own information and upload the compliance documentation you require. Damstra manages that process directly with your contractors, answers questions, and individually verifies the data and documentation provided to ensure the validity of their credentials, training status, and other certifications.

Workforce Management is one of the key foundational modules within Damstra’s Enterprise Protection Platform (EPP) that ensures your frontline and contingent workers are properly prepared and trained, your workplaces are safe, and your information is accurate, accessible, and compliant.

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  • Worker competency requirements mapped to each title/role/site
  • Expiries tracking and renewal automation
  • Hierarchical views by company, site, crew, role, etc.
  • Seamless integration with Damstra or third-party Learning Management system
  • Training and induction calendar with automated scheduling and attendance tracking
  • Auto-generation of OSHA, MSHA or other government forms
  • Auto-population of compliance record data and attachment of proof
  • Intelligent badging systems (including visitors)
  • Fingerprint or Facial Recognition with integrated temperature screening
  • QR code reader

  • Online worker and company registration
  • Integration with timekeeping and payroll
  • Online induction management
  • Muster and evacuation
  • Lone and endangered worker management
  • RFID work zone tracking to enhance workforce plans
  • Worker tracing
  • Fatigue tracking and performance management
  • Robust reporting and analytics (push or pull)

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  • Digitize and automate all security, health, safety, and training tasks to save time and money
  • Let workers and contractors upload all their information and required documentation for third-party verification and approval in one central place
  • Get workers on the job faster, easier, and more securely
  • Check for workers with specific skills to increase operational efficiencies
  • Audit for skills that may expire in the next 30, 60, or 90 days to ensure compliance and reduce risk
  • Increase workplace efficiency by searching in real time who is onsite with necessary skills

  • Match skill competencies with labor requirements
  • Manage COVID-related data, such as vaccination records, testing status, temperature readings, and contact tracing
  • Improve timekeeping and payroll accuracy, reducing overall labor costs through precision and eliminating mistakes
  • Reduce risk to workers and mitigate reputational and financial exposure through an improved workforce management system

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