Gladstone Regional Council

Why Gladstone Regional Council played it safe and improved their bottom line in the process.

Gladstone Regional Council [GRC] has achieved stunning results by taking a proactive approach to safety with the help of IMS software. In the first nine months since go live, the Council has a reported bottom line improvement of $250,000 from the strategic initiatives implemented in 2013 – 2014. It is estimated a further $200,000 has been saved in on-costs in addition to the reductions in reported statutory claims.

Council employs 750 people and wanted to improve their safety management performance but was unsure which way to go. Craig Cousar, OH&S Coordinator for Gladstone Regional Council wanted to upgrade councils systems and align them to Australian standards and go from a paper based system to a real-time, electronic reporting environment.

Craig knew from experience that for every day someone has off work, it costs Council up to three times that wage. He wanted to find out quickly what type of injuries were happening, where they were happening and their frequency.

“The IMS system helps us plug those gaps and became the vessel that gave us the data and information to launch and redefine our policy and corporate standards framework, bringing them in line with Australian Standards,” he said.

“Our biggest area of opportunity was the combination of lost days and claims and we are now able to tell which departments were having the most lost days, what types of roles they perform, and drill down to see what is going on.”

The results for the 9 months have been nothing less than outstanding.

A combination of system implementation, and strategic resolve to change behaviours and process to managing risk, incidents, return to work, and safety management has resulted in a significant cost reduction and bottom line improvement for GRC well ahead of expected timelines.

As at May 2014, GRC had achieved:

  • A gross reduction in Statutory Claims of approximately $405,000 on the previous year’s results of $470,000.
  • a net improvement versus the previous year of $255,000 after costs of all initiatives, including the purchase of WMS.
  • Lost time days in 2012- 2013 were approximately 1000, and in the current year are only 160, year to date.
  • Reduction of insurance premium in next financial year of $80,000 with further reductions expected in next two to three years of 7.5%.

In addition to the reportable reductions in costs, it is estimated that a further 50% of on costs has also been saved, estimated at over $200,000.

Chris Phillips, Manager of People and Safety


Gladstone Regional Council has installed a number of kiosks to allow easier input of safety incidents

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