Tasmanian Ports Authority

The Tasmanian Ports Corporation Pty Ltd (Tasports) is Australia’s fifth largest port. The port environment presents many potentially hazardous situations for employees who work on ships, boats and other small vessels that are docked where heavy machinery is in operation.

John Johnston, Tasports’ HSE Manager, said the Incident Management System appealed to the company for its automated email notification feature. “The ability to report and track all incidents that occurred on the shop floor level directly – to relevant management and safety teams within a matter of minutes – has become an important part of the management of incidents occurring in Tasports’ five different locations”, he says.

Tasports’ goal of zero lost-time accidents is being met with the implementation of Worksafe Management Systems’ Incident Management System (IMS). The IMS assists in identifying and understanding the risks within the workplace environment. Through the software’s state-of-the-art recording, managing and reporting tools, Tasports has been effective in better controlling and reducing workplace incidents.

The Results:

The adoption of a strong policy of workplace safety, coupled with the implementation of the IMS software, has seen Tasports significantly reduce the number of lost-time injuries in the working environment, making it amongst the best performing ports authorities in Australia.

Tangible Outcomes :

(Within three years) lost-time injury frequency rates dropped from an average of 45 in 2006, to 2 – well below the industry average for Tasmania and amongst the best-performing ports authorities in Australia. Tasports achieved certification for its Safety Management System by auditors SAI Global. This certification provides an objective assessment that meets national safety standards.

Further, in 2009, Tasports won the prestigious Port of the Year Award at the Lloyds List DCN Australian Shipping and Transport Awards. Tasports also won the “Best Injury Management” state Work Cover award.

John Johnston, HSE Manager

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