Queensland Health

Queensland Health has approximately 75,000 employees across the state spread across 15 Districts. The department’s senior management is committed to ensuring a safe, supportive, protective and healthy working environment for all employees, contractors, volunteers and any others who may be affected by the conduct of their activities.

Since the roll-out of the IMS solution it has enabled :

  • Better information visibility
  • Improved tracking of policy effectiveness
  • Standardised information collection
  • Safety responsibility chains to be created
  • Adherence to legislative requirement in incident information collection.

History – Pilot Installation

Cairns Base Hospital deployed the IMS OH&S Management System to manage all safety related issues for the entire Health District from Gordonvale to Cooktown encompassing over 1600 staff.

The benefits of the system were carefully measured to ensure that the expected improvement in OH&S were realized however, the results were far better than anyone had dared to hope for, e.g. days lost to injury went from 2,645 to 382 over a 12 month period, an 86% reduction. As a result of the significant improvements experienced in the initial year, the pilot programme was extended to cover a 3 year period with the following results:

  • Workcover premium savings up by over 700%
  • Compensation claims down by 60%
  • Compensation payments down by over 65%
  • Common Law payments down by over 80%.

The end result was that Queensland Health extended the system to cover all employees across the State.


Since 1996, the Queensland Health IMS solution has evolved into a modern, innovative management tool. Under the dedicated strategies of safety improvement implemented by Mr. Ian Bynon, the IMS solution has been configured to meet the needs of the complex Queensland Health environment. The system boasts one of the most sophisticated, yet easy to use, reporting tools available in any information tool. Utilizing the latest ad-hoc report builders with a simple interfaced designed to be used by the non-tech savvy, the system has provided direct information access to users without the need for days of training.

Mr. Ian Bynon,  Director Safety & Wellbeing, People and Culture Strategic Services, Queensland Health

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