OHS Risk Management

Risk-MatrixWhat are the steps and decisions involved in conducting a risk assessment?

There are three steps in assessing a risk:

  • Identification – process of finding, recognising, describing and categorising risks. Logging Hazards, analysing previous incidents and completing Audits would provide a good start point.
  • Analysis – process to comprehend the nature of the issue and determine the level of  exposure. The Risk Matrices provide an accurate method to collect this information.
  • Evaluation – process to determine if the likelhood/consequence level is acceptable or whether further treatment is required. If further action is required, relevant Factors (or Barriers) are identified and controls are implemented to mitigate each Risk factor.

Risk-modifyControls are organisational strategies and processes you already have in place to modify a system failure, for example, existing policies, procedures, practices. Treatments are additional strategies to modify the failure, often specific to the event.

The culmination of effective Controls with constant Review & Monitoring should reduce the Risk to an acceptable level.

So, how does the WMS Risk Manager Module allow you to handle this process. By identifying each key Risk, determining the relevant Risk Factors and allocating Controls to each, Risk Manager is able to automatically remind the Persons responsible for each Control, the ‘weighting’ of each control is automatically applied to allow reporting of the management assessment.








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