OHS Correction & Prevention

Prevention-1Probably one of the most crucial steps in HSE Management is the Correction & Prevention process, a key part of the Continuous Improvement Cycle embedded in the Incident Management Module (IMS).

As part of the overall Risk Management solution, the IMS module must guide the organisation through the Identify, Assess, Control and Review and Monitor (Correction and Prevention) process.

When an Incident occurs or a Hazard is identified, the End User logs the information for the Safety Team who receives the case immediately on their Dashboard by Email or SMS. Once the Case is validated, the Immediate Cause(s) and Controls are actioned and the relevant people automatically notified. Completion times are allocated and the system would track all controls against the due date/time.

The Safety Team then completes a Basic Causal Analysis to determine organisational system failures. A new set of Basic Control Actions are triggered again with completion deadlines and the people responsible are notified.

The Review and Monitor Module is an associated module that is used to confirm effective closure of any incident, usually the final step in Correction and Prevention.



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