Environmental Management System

Environment-1An Environmental Management System (EMS) is a long-term solution that you can utilise to manage your current and future environmental impact.

An EMS solution integrates into your daily operations, long term planning and other quality management systems. You can develop a simple plan for managing this process or a more comprehensive one that can be certified under the international standard ISO 14001.

There are a number of components in an EMS, including:

  • identifying impacts
  • objectives and targets
  • operational and emergency procedures
  • responsibilities and reporting structure
  • continual improvement.

Federal, State and local governments jointly administer the environmental protection laws in Australia through bilateral agreements.

EMS is a tool for managing the impacts of an organisation’s activities on your work space. It provides a structured approach to planning and implementing protection measures. EMS includes Incident Logging, Correction & Prevention, Review & Monitoring, Investigations, Risk Manager & Audit.

Managing your impact on the environment is important and EMS uses over 30 Master Lists to manage the reference tables and standards which allows accurate reporting for continuous improvement.




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