Rehabilitation & Claims Management

rehab-1Supporting your injured worker with rehabilitation to return to safe and sustainable work as soon as possible is necessary to meet your legal obligations, is good for your worker and is good for business. Managing your claims from the insurer is critical to managing your costs,

It can help increase productivity and keep the cost of your WorkSafe Insurance premium down. It benefits your worker by reducing the financial, health and emotional impacts on them and their family.


The primary focus of the rehabilitation process is the involvement of all three key parties (the employer, the injured worker and the nominated treating doctor) in the management of the injury from the time of the accident to the return to work.

Claims Management

Managing the claims ensures correct procedures are followed and your employees receive the correct treatment under the legislation.

Plan for your worker’s return to work:

  1. obtain relevant information about your worker’s capacity for work
  2. consider reasonable workplace support, aids or modifications to assist in your worker’s return to work
  3. assess and propose options for suitable or pre-injury employment to your worker
  4. provide your worker with clear, accurate and current details of their return to work arrangements
  5. monitor your worker’s progress

The WMS Rehabilitation and Claims Management Module manages all aspects of the Rehab case, stores all records, reports, certificates etc. and the automatic scheduled reports organises each coordinator for the period ahead – meeting details, back to work plans, alternate duties programs, review actions, claim status plus costs.


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