Audits & Inspections

Audit-1Audits and inspections, the health check of any organisational process.

Health and safety audits and inspections go hand in hand with each other and are an imperative part of keeping your workplace free from HSE risks. It is important that you take a proactive approach to a safe workplace instead of assuming everything is fine until an incident occurs.

OHS Audits will provide the due diligence you need to ensure the wellbeing of the organisation, including workplace inspections, compliance audits, corporate reviews and machinery audits.

What are HSE Inspections and Audits?

An inspection is the process of examining your workplace (you can examine the whole workplace or target a specific area of operation) to identify any hazards that may be putting your employees at risk.

An audit is a documented method of reviewing your systems of safe work as they are carried out in the workplace, to ascertain whether they comply with HSE legislative requirements or whether they need to be amended.

The WMS Audit Module can be a stand alone application or function as part of the WMS environment. It is a fully automatic web based auditing tool that can be tailored to meet individual requirements.

An Audit or Inspection is carried out by delivering the details of the items or processes (Criteria) to be checked to the Desktop of the people involved. Each item is checked and the correct response is entered i.e. Compliant, Partially Compliant, Non-Compliant etc. The person organising the audit /inspection can monitor the process and report on the percentage completed at all times.

Audits and Inspections can be run simultaneously over multiple sites and each site can have multiple locations.

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