OHS Investigations


All incidents should be reported. This includes all injuries, work related illnesses, first aid treatments and especially, near misses. These should all be reported regardless of how small or insignificant they may seem at the time. A small incident that occurs to a single person may seem insignificant until it is found that a similar incident has occurred many times in the past, indicating an underlying serious problem with a potential to cause a major incident at some time.

Reasons to investigate a workplace accident include:

  • most importantly, to find out the cause of accidents and to prevent similar accidents in the future
  • to fulfill any legal requirements
  • to determine the cost of an accident
  • to determine compliance with applicable safety regulations
  • to process workers’ compensation claims

Incidents that involve no injury or property damage should still be investigated to determine the hazards that should be corrected. The same principles apply to a quick inquiry of a minor incident and to the more formal investigation of a serious event.

The WMS Investigation Module comes pre-configured with a complete set of contributory factors as well as the ability to collate all aspects of the investigation. This provides a standardised approach to the investigation and accurate and detailed reporting.




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