Compliance with Standards

Master-List-StandardsIt is essential that your OHS Management System allows your organisation to reference all data to the applicable safety standards to achieve Compliance. Achieving this also is the first step in managing corporate governance.


In any system, you must be able to link all OHS incidents to your applicable Standards to achieve Compliance.

In the WMS product, a database of Master Listings is used to manage all tailorable aspects of the system including Standards. The system is delivered with the Aus/NZ 1885 Standards however, any Standard can be imported to provide accurate reference e.g. TOOCS, OSHA etc.

The Master Lists can be a tree structure allowing the Standards to be further defined by the user for ease of use and better reporting but still allowing the highest level reports to relate to the actual Standard.

Being able to link the case details to the Standard by selecting the actual wording (rather than codes or numbers) ensures easy, accurate logging of information for all users.

Aus/NZ 1885 Standards for Compliance.



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