OHS Management System Overview

OHS, WHS, OHS Management SolutionThe WMS solution was first released in Australia by Worksafe Management Systems in 1993 with the objective of providing a high performance, fully compliant and innovative solution for OHS and Risk Management. Since then, it has been completely redeveloped to be totally web based to allow access from anywhere the Internet is available.

The key modules now manage OHS Management by including a Mobile interface, OHS Incident Logging, Correction & Prevention, Causal Analysis, Return to Work & Rehabilitation, Investigations, Policies & Procedures, Document Upload, Risk Management, Environmental Management, Audit and the leading next generation web-based Business Intelligence and Reporting solution.

Return on Investment

The WMS/LOGOSS OHS Management software is the vessel by which information is recorded and analysed. Sound business processes in combination with the WMS/LOGOSS system allow an organisation to report, analyse and map sustainable improvement strategies to provide a platform by which the organisation can achieve significant results.

Preconfigured for Immediate WHS Implementation.

IMS is completely tailorable by you – there are 30+ Master Lists and standard reports that are delivered preconfigured as part of implementation – your Organisation Structure, your employee file and your Alert and Visibility Structure are imported initially to ensure you can start immediately.

Case Centric for Correct OHS Management

IMS is Case Centric – this means all information relating to any event is retained in a single file. This includes:

  • What happened & who reported the event, reported to and date/time.
  • All messages involved
  • All control/corrective actions, immediate and long term, plus the people involved
  • All RTW/Rehab notes and progress
  • All documents, reports, investigation notes, policies/procedures active at the time, photos etc.
  • Audit reports as required.

This ensures, in the event of an incident going to Court (sometimes years later) the complete time based detailed process can be provided proving all necessary steps, linked to the Standards, were taken by the Organisation.

Therefore your obligations as an employer to ‘ensure health and safety’ eliminating risks to health and safety so far as reasonably practicable, or where not reasonably practicable to eliminate the risks, reduce those risks so far as is reasonably practicable are completed efficiently.

The new Harmonisation Laws now being implemented have severe penalties for OHS Management infringements for Businesses, Management and Workers.

Integration with Key Systems

Where required, the system links with other systems such as Payroll, Insurer, Document Management and eLearning systems. This allows the ‘Best of Breed’ systems to be smoothly integrated to provide the best, most efficient management.

Business Intelligence

WMS has the Australian and New Zealand rights to market an International Business Intelligence Solution having over 9500 implementations across America, Europe and Asia and is currently being used in more than 60% of Fortune 500 companies.

WMS BI is a simple yet powerful platform for data analysis. You can create scalable and robust solutions that lead to more informed business decisions. And you can do it without going back to your IT department.


Your OHS and Risk Management processes are critical to reduce both financial and human costs across your organisation.

Click to download the WMS Value Proposition .pdf (You will need Adobe Reader)

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